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Distilleries across the world are increasingly coming under pressure from government and society for the polluting effluents (Spent Wash) from their core process. 'Zero Effluent Discharge' (ZED)norm for distilleries is already in place in a number of countries including India. Since existing disposal methods - bio-methanisation and biocomposting - are unable to meet the ZED norms, distilleries are increasingly looking to an alternative solution of concentrating the Spent Wash and then firing it in a specially designed boiler.
This fundamental shift in practice in the distillery sector has been facilitated by CBL's successful efforts to develop a commercial-scale boiler technology for firing spent wash. The twin benefits of the boiler include:
  1. Ability to dispose effluent discharge of distilleries in a safe and environmentally sound way (by meeting ZED norm) and
  2. Steam generation for meeting the process steam and power requirements of distillery.
  3. CBL commissioned its first Slop Fired Boiler in 2006, since then has commissioned 15 Boilers.
Product Features
  • Effective on-line cleaning system
  • Adequate residence time to ensure complete combustion

  • System designed for maximum heat recovery thus highly efficient
  • Specially Designed Slop/Spent Wash Handling & Spray System.
  • Single Drum Design, Natural Circulation, Bottom Supported Design.
  • Integral Superheater with Two Stage Superheater & inter-stage Spray Attemperator
  • Travelling Grate / Fluidized Bed Combustor offered as per support fuel availability
  • Machine-welded membrane panel
  • Membrane panels provide gas tight enclosure for better efficiency of boiler & minimum refractory
  • External Superheater design offered for high Pressure/Temperature requirement (Patented Design).
Operating Range
    Capacities : Upto 80 TPH
    Pressure : Upto 87 Kg/cm2 (g)
    Steam Temperature : Upto 5150C
    Support Fuels : Baggase, Rice Husk, Coal .
    (High pressure/capacity options available on Demand)
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