Introducing Mr. Boiler - the advanced Mobile App
for all your Boiler related queries.

At Cheema Boilers Limited, we understand that the performance of your Boiler is critical for your Industry. Also, in today’s competitive environment, you require easy and fast assistance for your need for new industrial boilers or upgrade/solutions for your existing equipments. Mr. BOILER Mobile App is a single window solution available 24x7 just at the tap of a finger.

All you need is to download Mr. Boiler on your mobile device, register once and instantly connect with Cheema Boilers Limited to enjoy multiple features like:

Mr. Boiler application includes:

  • New Boiler enquiry
  • Boiler spares request
  • Service Requests
  • Capacity Enhancement solution
  • Fuel conversion and firing system upgrades
  • Efficiency enhancement solution
  • Annual Service Contract
  • Remnant life assessment (RLA)

Ideal for large, medium & small industry uses, Mr. Boiler also offers useful technical tools that assist you in effective management of your boiler operations. These are:

  • Steam Tables
  • Boiler efficiency calculations
  • Fuel compositions
  • Recommended water Characteristics for use in Boiler
  • Blow down rate calculations
  • Properties of fuel oils
  • Fans & Blowers Calculations
  • Properties of Dry Air
  • Unit convertor

So why wait any further? Download Mr. Boiler for Free today and ensure the Best from your Boiler.